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How To Handle Water Damage In The Home

March 3, 2016

Water damage can happen for many reasons, but when it does happen, it can be devastating to your home. Repairing water damage is expensive and can cost thousands of dollars to fix. You also run the risk of mold, which can set in quickly after a flood. Read on to learn more about water damage and what you can do about it.

Broken pipes, blocked sewers and broken washing machine hoses can all lead to serious water damage. If you aren't there to shut off the water, gallons of water can pour into your home each minute where they damage the floors, walls, electrical system and all of your belongings. It is essential to get water damage cleaned up fast because mold can start to grow in as little as 48 hours and cause serious health issues.

Mold has been linked to asthma, headaches, chronic sore throats, coughing and can even be deadly to people who have immune system disorders. Mold is also very difficult to get rid of as the spores multiply rapidly and travel through the air to infect more of your house. The mold will eat away the wood and walls and be very expensive to fix, so you don't want to let it get started.

Backed up sewers can also be very damaging as the bacteria in the water is a serious health threat and can make you very sick if you come into contact with it. If you do have a flooding issue in your home, you want to get out of the house and call a water damage company right away. Don't step into the water, especially if there are any electrical wires because you could be electrocuted and killed.

Likewise, stay away from any sewage water because even if you don't touch it, just getting it on the soles of your shoes and walking around the house with it can make anyone sick who touches the floor. You need to get experienced professionals into your home who can quickly clean up the water, dry out your home and disinfect any contaminated areas. They will also check for mold and deal with any mold related issues if you have them.

Be sure to check with your insurance agent because your insurance may cover the cost of the repairs. Water damage is a serious and costly event that needs immediate attention.

Way for Water Damage Prevention

November 16, 2015

Carpet Cleaning

Although flooding inside your house is very easy to spot, there are instances wherein water damage is almost impossible to notice. Water and condensation would continue to seep through the walls, floors and other areas inside the house for an extended period of time. We will only notice this when it is too late for us. Extensive damage has been done already and will cost a lot to be fixed. In fact, you might end up spending thousands just to fix a single wall.

Other than severe flooding, it is possible to avoid water damage. If water damage is avoided then expensive repairs can be avoided as well. To do so, it is a must for homeowners to know how to prevent water damage in the first place.

Always check the areas around the doors and windows. There are instances wherein rain, sleet and snow may enter the home through the doors and windows. In order to make sure water damage wouldn’t take place, always insulate your doors and windows.

Immediately fix ruptured pipes and plumbing no matter how small or how measly the water dripping from it. Even if the water leaking from the ruptured pipes is barely noticeable, it will still accumulate over time. In the end, this accumulated water would lead to water damage.

Prevent rain water from collecting near or around your house. Rain water is one of the leading causes of water damage. Therefore, your home must have gutters that would help prevent water accumulating.

Make sure that the roof is not leaking. If there are leaks, fix it immediately. Try to find the reason of the leak and then seal it. If the roof insulation is wet, replace it right away. Also check if the roof support is saturated or not.

It is important to regulate the moisture level of your home. If it isn’t regulated, water would condense a lot inside your house. If water condenses a lot in your home, it would encourage mold growth, which not only damages your home but also endanger your health.

If your house sustains water damage, don’t try tackle the problem on your own. Let a professional handle it.

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November 16, 2015

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I Am Completely A Loser In Blogging

July 22, 2015

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